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Ashu, a leadership coach, has been successfully partnering with senior leaders for over a decade now. Ashu is known for her empowering, bold, curious and incisive style. She brings to the table her years of experience as coach, entrepreneur and corporate executive. Ashu is a student of Vedanta and Bhagavad Gita. She also works with business families on defining personal goals while respecting confidentiality and individual identities; understanding and managing relationship dynamics; succession. An expert on Leadership and Group coaching, she designs and delivers group sessions with senior management teams.


She is a catalyst for clients to discover their extraordinary potential, be innovative and effortlessly achieve their goals, fearless and successful in every domain of life through coaching.  A coaching conversation creates awareness to:

·      Develop faster as a leader

·      Transition easier into new roles

·      Work collaboratively with teams

·      Increased conviction and commitment

·      Be innovative and strategic through new perspectives

·      Manage change with alertness and agility


Ashu’s clients include premier multinational and domestic organizations such as Ansaldo SDS, Oil Tanking India, Barclays Capital, Ernst & Young, Citibank, BCG, Credit Suisse, Standard Chartered Bank, Aircel, Adidas, RBS India, Deutsche Bank, Trident Hotel, Essar Steel, Reliance Mutual Fund, Fitch Credit Ratings, BMR Advisors, Enam Securities, Halcyon Advisors, Lehman Brothers, Lemon Tree Hotels, etc 


"A coach is part advisor, part sounding board, part cheerleader, part manager and part strategist."


Knowing and working with Ashu has been a personally and professionally enriching experience. Her worldview has a deep philosophical underpinning and is informed by clarity of thought and tempered by strong sense of honesty, compassion and generosity. Ashu has the desire and the ability to make a difference.

Mr. Jaideep Khanna

CEO & Country Head India, Investment & Corporate Bank, Barclays Capital India

Ashu has worked as a coach with my team on a few occasions to help improve teamwork and team dynamics. Working with a group of type A investment bankers can be pretty tough. Ashu was able to draw out the team to share their views openly in a constructive manner.

Mr. V Anantharaman

MD & Regional Head - Origination and Client Coverage & Co-Head - Wholesale Banking, South Asia, Standard Chartered Bank

I find that Ashu has a knack for cutting to the heart of the matter, no matter how complicated it may be. Her direct approach towards stating the issues up front, and then exploring solutions works very well in a business environment, where time is short and issues are complex.

Mr. Ashok Bajpai

Regional Director, Essar Steel

I have known and worked with Ashu Khanna for a number of years on various programs and have found her to be a very effective coach and trainer. Her programs on leadership and Branding are particularly of high order and clubbed with her unique individual style have proven to be quite impactful.

Mr. Awdhesh Krishna

Global Head - HR, Nomura India

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