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World leaders and successful entrepreneurs, artists, sportsman, actors, scientists play the game of life by nurturing every moment of this gift of life. If we look at the biography of any leader, there are elements of adventure, risk, fearlessness, pain, challenge, sacrifice and above all joy of achievement. They explore their boundaries and rarely stay in their comfort zone. We often get caught in time warps about the world and ourselves. We forget to alter our perception of the dynamic changing world of objects and beings. To keep growing, we need to stay alert to stagnation as well as opportunities.

Curiosity and wonderment is key to staying alert and redesigning life. The way we master new information about various objects in the external world, we can also change perspectives about ourselves by shifting the subject of curiosity inwards. We view life through our lens of beliefs, memories and interpretations and write the script of our life. We then allow that story to define our relationship with the world, shape every decision and above all control our sense of happiness and freedom. Like any other story, our life too has a defining theme – Poor me, Let me be, I’m cool, I’m like that only, I’m the best, I’m no good.

As a coach, I work with people to restructure their life by creating new patterns of thinking. For instance, I worked with an executive who grew up in a fragmented family environment and did not have a secure upbringing. The feeling of ‘I’m unloved’ was deeply ingrained that every relationship was viewed from this sense of distrust. This filter impacted communication and personal inter-actions. When we are young, we need external support and validation, whereas as an adult, we have the ability to empower ourselves and seek support when required. We also have the ability to make choices, take decisions, take actions and manage the consequences. We are no longer helpless or incapable. However, out of sheer habit, we keep seeking that external validation.

These themes are like movies with sequels. We keep producing film after film with the same characters and theme and selling it to the world with a deep desire for people to buy it not once, but repeatedly. The irony is that we sell the story repeatedly to convince ourselves that we are right to live the way we are living. While living from one wave of experience after another, we forget to ask ourselves – ‘who is the author of this script and who has the power to rewrite the script?’ Become aware and redesign your life.

Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death - Einstein


Knowing and working with Ashu has been a personally and professionally enriching experience. Her worldview has a deep philosophical underpinning and is informed by clarity of thought and tempered by strong sense of honesty, compassion and generosity. Ashu has the desire and the ability to make a difference.

Mr. Jaideep Khanna

CEO & Country Head India, Investment & Corporate Bank, Barclays Capital India

Ashu has worked as a coach with my team on a few occasions to help improve teamwork and team dynamics. Working with a group of type A investment bankers can be pretty tough. Ashu was able to draw out the team to share their views openly in a constructive manner.

Mr. V Anantharaman

MD & Regional Head - Origination and Client Coverage & Co-Head - Wholesale Banking, South Asia, Standard Chartered Bank

I find that Ashu has a knack for cutting to the heart of the matter, no matter how complicated it may be. Her direct approach towards stating the issues up front, and then exploring solutions works very well in a business environment, where time is short and issues are complex.

Mr. Ashok Bajpai

Regional Director, Essar Steel

I have known and worked with Ashu Khanna for a number of years on various programs and have found her to be a very effective coach and trainer. Her programs on leadership and Branding are particularly of high order and clubbed with her unique individual style have proven to be quite impactful.

Mr. Awdhesh Krishna

Global Head - HR, Nomura India

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